Britney Spears Previews 'Femme Fatale' Tour, Earns Glowing Reviews

Britney Spears

This week Britney Spears kicks off her Femme Fatale tour to much fanfare and lots of anticipation. Over the weekend, some members of the press were invited to a dress rehearsal of the show, and it seems that she's getting some glowing reviews.

"I really enjoyed this show, and I'm being honest. As a stand alone piece, the FF tour is thoroughly enjoyable," Perez Hilton said. "I’d say Britney sings maybe 40 percent of the show, which is really awesome considering the fact that at the last tour she lip-synched every single song, even the ballads. As a fan, that’s a sign to me that she’s trying, she’s giving, and I love that -- that’s what we want.

"I feel like this time the show and her are on the same level," he added. "Britney seems to have gotten her spark back."

Pink Is The New Blog also gave Spears props for singing live during the show. "During the show, Britney does sing live. Yes, there are backing tracks, but there are parts of the show where it is very obvious that she is singing … and she sounded fantastic," the site noted.

As for the dancing, well, it seems that Spears has really stepped up her game in that department as well. PITNB continued. "The dancing that we saw was sharp and fun … she even busts out the original choreography during 'I’m A Slave 4 U.'"


So, what will Spears be wearing? Just Jared reveals, "She makes nine outfit changes and closes the show with white oversized angel wings. Very Victoria’s Secret-esque. All of the imagery ties into the action hero theme, as if she’s changing identities. She traveled the world with various props and sets like Egypt and Japan."

Spears' shows kick off June 16 in Sacramento, Calif. She'll be joined by Nicki Minaj, as well as Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nervo, for what is expected to be a real ladies night.