Kristen Stewart Flashes Secret Smile On Movie Awards Red Carpet

By Nuzhat Naoreen

When your job involves working at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards and helping usher celebs like Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson and more to the red carpet, you really can’t complain. Thanks to my gig this year, not only did I get to see some of my favorite stars from a special behind-the-scenes vantage point, I also got to make some observations that I wouldn’t have otherwise made. Usually I’d tweet my thoughts, but in this case, there were just so many special moments that I had to list them in a blog. So check out some of my favorite behind-the-scenes moments with your favorite stars and let me know what you thought of this year’s red carpet.

(Check out photos of Kristen Stewart and her “Twilight” costars at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.)

Kristen Stewart: KStew’s arrival was one of the most anticipated of the night, and it was well worth the wait. Kristen arrived toward the end of the red carpet, and she was quickly directed to the paparazzi line. While the whole thing was kind of a blur (there were a lot of people surrounding her!), I’m convinced she turned around to give me a gracious smile since I helped usher her forward. I could be totally wrong (there were countless other people she could have been smiling at), but I’m keeping this one for myself. So just let me have it, k?

Taylor Lautner: OK, gals, I’m officially a Taylor fan. I mean, I always thought he was a good-looking guy, but today, when he was on the MTV News platform next to Josh Horowitz, in his razor-sharp silver suit and perfect hair, I realized just how good-looking he was. Also, he’s super-fun. Right after getting in line for photos, I saw him approach a photographer he recognized to give him a playful greeting. How could you not love a guy who’s so down-to-earth?

Emma Watson: You know, it’s no surprise that Emma Watson is always on the top of every best-dressed list (expect to see her there again for the Movie Awards): The girl is flawless, and pictures truly don’t do her justice. Emma arrived in some killer silver stilettos, a stunning white dress and a matching head accessory, evoking the aura of a demure and classy young lady. In other words, she looked every bit a princess, and while I know this isn’t supposed to be a fashion review, I simply couldn’t help myself. Reviewers, are you taking note?

Nina Dobrev, Kayla Ewell and Steven R. McQueen: I had a pretty good idea of which stars were going to attend the MTV Movie Awards this year, but I had no idea that some of my favorite “Vampire Diaries” castmembers would be among them. The first to arrive was Steven R. McQueen, and he looked gorgeous. (Bonnie, watch your back!) He was later followed by Nina Dobrev and her bff Kayla Ewell (a.k.a. the newly resurrected Vicki). Both girls were absolute sweethearts. Nina, whom I’ve interviewed before, gave me a super-friendly greeting, while Kayla cheerfully pronounced her name for me (twice!) when I asked.

Andrew Garfield: He’s super-cute, seemed a little shy and has a British accent (HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT?). What else do you really need to know?

Josh Duhamel: So, I’ve always had a crush on Josh — like, a big one — and when he arrived on the carpet, I made sure to “accidentally” brush my arm against his. (I touched Josh Duhamel!!) Anyway, Josh (who was way taller than I expected) already had my heart, but he kinda melted it when he made sure his family joined him in the press photos (so sweet!).

Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber is one lucky man. Selena was all smiles on the red carpet, and I thought she looked totally young and fresh (I loved her outfit!). And, like Josh, she also surprised me with her height (even in heels!).

Jim Carrey: I only caught a quick glance of Jim, who was surrounded by a crowd of people (photographers, publicists, etc.) as soon as he arrived. But I was able to catch the fact that Jim has a crazy amount of energy. He was playing it up for the photographers, and they loved every minute of it.

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