Foo Fighters Stick To Good Old Rock At Movie Awards

By Aly Semigran

During his opening monologue at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, host Jason Sudeikis reiterated the old joke that there's no music to be found anymore on MTV. The "Saturday Night Live" funny man had to bite his words when legendary rockers Foo Fighters hit the stage to infuse the network with their new single "Walk" from their latest album, Wasting Light.


While the stage for the MTV Movie Awards was certainly showy — Sudeikis described the futuristic nature scene as looking like the Rainforest Cafe — Dave Grohl and his bandmates stuck to the basics. There were no fireworks, no backup dancers — just the band, lead by a decidedly un-flashy Grohl wearing simply a black shirt, jeans and black wristband — bringing their signature hard-hitting sound, just as the Foos promised us after their rehearsal on Saturday.

The performance was a big contrast to the attention-grabbing green-screen outfit (featuring a repeated projection of two dogs going at it) Jim Carrey wore to introduce the band.

After the song's opening guitar chords were struck and Taylor Hawkins entered with his rolling drums, Grohl sang the opening lyrics: "A million miles away/ Your signal in the distance/ To whom it may concern/ I think I lost my way/ Getting good at starting over/ Every time that I return."

Grohl wailed into the microphone, hitting his trademark rock star scream during the "Walk" chorus, "I'm on my knees/ I never wanna die."

The set clearly didn't just strike a chord with those at home, as Best Breakout Star nominee Hailee Steinfeld ("True Grit") — who was just 1 year old when the Foo's pivotal album The Colour & The Shape was released — was caught by MTV cameras rocking out along with the music. After a five-year hiatus from performing on the MTV Movie Awards, the Foos came back in style without any need for gimicks.

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