Movie Awards Behind The Scenes: Meet The Red Carpet’s Fairy Godmother

By Nuzhat Naoreen

The wardrobe malfunction. We all fear it, but the stakes are a little higher for celebrities. One slip of the strap, accidental spill or loose button, and the cameras will be there to catch it at every angle.


Luckily, the stars attending the 2011 Movie Awards tomorrow can rest easy about last-minute fashion disasters, because Marcia Zigler, the show’s lead wardrobe designer, will be on-hand with a fashion first-aid kit tailored to tackle any malfunction. I met Marcia on Saturday afternoon in the Movie Awards wardrobe room, a backstage space lined with a rack of clothes and one seriously big mirror. She shared some tricks of the trade and stories about how she’s helped celebs deal with potential style disasters.

“You always have to have a set bag,” explained Marcia, who designs special costumes for the awards (including all the crazy gag outfits!). Marcia’s “set bag” is essentially a medium-size purse that holds a whole lot of important tools. Some of its contents — a sewing kit, scissors and safety pins — were expected, while others, like the huge pair of pliers she uses to make additional holes in belt buckles, totally took me by surprise. Marcia also comes prepared with moleskin (a piece of small fabric used to help ease the pain of blisters), double-stick tape (to make sure everything stays right where it’s supposed to!) and a bleach pen to remove stains.

Marcia said recalled an incident a few years ago, when the stain remover saved the day for one star, who noticed a spot on her dress right before stepping out onto the red carpet.

“Somebody sat in ink in a white dress,” she said, without naming names. “I had to get it out.” Marcia said she used all her spray tricks to get the job done, and eventually the celeb was able to make an ink-free appearance. Phew.

Hopefully, no wardrobe emergencies will go down this year, and all our favorite stars will be ready to hit the carpet without any hitches. But if anything does come up, Marcia (and her set bag) will be ready to take it on!