Movie Awards Behind The Scenes: How Did A ‘Twilight’ Blow Dryer End Up In The Gift Bag?

By Nuzhat Naoreen

What do you get the celebrity who has everything? If you’re Suz-Anna Dela Rosa, MTV’s own director of ticketing and event hospitality, you start with a “Twilight” hair-care set (you know you love it) and a cutting-edge camera.

You see, Suz-Anna is responsible for putting together the totally awesome (and completely free) gift bags that are distributed to presenters, hosts and performers after the MTV Movie Awards, and she gave me the inside scoop on how she makes it happen. This year’s bags include everything from high-tech gadgets to beauty products and gift cards (check out a report from MTV News’ Jim Cantiello to get a peek at all the different goodies!), all of which were donated by sponsors eager to promote their brand, according to Suz-Anna.


“You want that exposure,” she said, adding that each of the bags this year contains about $10,000 worth of swag (I’ll give you a second to process that). “For them, it’s priceless.”

Suz-Anna said she usually seeks out companies that can provide products that are new, different and actually useful. This year, she anticipates the hot items to include a Casio TRYX camera that comes with a mini-tripod (in other words, no more taking pictures of yourself in the mirror!), a special edition Mattel Barbie T-shirt, a two-night stay at the boutique hotel Andaz, a Starbucks insulated mug with gift card (which is apparently always a big hit) and, of course, the “Twilight” hair-care set complete with the film’s stickers.

“Just the whole ’Twilight’ connection I think will be huge,” said Suz-Anna, who added that the set includes a hair dryer, two types of curling irons, a straightener and a special brush. Um, how many of us wouldn’t love to get our hands on this set?

Suz-Anna explained that, throughout the years, sponsors have offered a range of items. One company offered five packs for each celebrity (sponsors generally have to donate $150 worth of goods per bag to be considered), while another offered a free candy-for-life gift (I think I’ll opt for that one).

“You run the gamut of what you get,” she said. Of course, just because someone wants to give away free stuff doesn’t mean they make the cut. Suz-Anna said she’s definitely had to turn people away, including companies selling products that compete with the show’s sponsors and those that offer items that are a little more “adult” in nature.

“We’ve had companies that have offered items that are completely inappropriate,” she said. Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem.

Anyway, if you want a better look at all the cool stuff that’s being doled out this year make sure you look at these photos. And on a more personal note, if there are any companies out there reading this that are suddenly feeling charitable with their swag, just know that I’m totally open to donations. Seriously, I’ll take anything. Even if it’s five packs of gum. (OK, who am I kidding? Even one free pack would send me over the moon!)

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