Selena Gomez Isn’t The First Star To Be Criticized By PETA

By James Dinh

Aside from the brutal attention she receives from Beliebers, Selena Gomez rarely gets caught up in the midst of public scandal. But just a few weeks ago, PETA (and singer Pink) criticized the Disney starlet for including pink-tinted horses in the clip for her song “Love You Like a Love Song.” Now, Gomez’s clip will no longer feature the painted ponies, according to E! Online.

For years, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has had a reputation for blasting singers, actors and just about everyone under the sun for any perceived mistreatment of animals. So, Selena, don’t be alarmed: You’re not the first or last star to be called out by the nonprofit animal-rights organization. Check out some of the other stars PETA has gone after:

Britney Spears, “Circus” video
No stranger to controversy, Ms. Spears included many animals in the clip for her dance tune “Circus.” In the Francis Lawrence-directed visual, the pop star plays a ringleader in a slew of different outfits and backdrops accompanied by circus animals. Shortly after the video’s release, PETA issued a press release condemning the singer for featuring “cruelly trained lions and elephants.” Trainers for the clip — Gari and Kari Johnson — were also singled out, but struck back at the animal-rights organization, telling MTV News, “Britney, the director, producers and the entire crew were respectful of the elephants’ needs and comfort and a pleasure to work with.”

Static Cycle, “Inside This World of Mine” video
Alaskan rock band Static Cycle caught heat from PETA just last year when former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant/ Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin appeared in the music video for their song “Inside This World of Mine” wearing a mink coat and hat. Frontman Jared Navarre rebutted the organization’s criticism, saying, “We chose a fur coat for Bristol as a natural way to help portray her role as ’mother nature’ and nothing synthetic. A nylon jumpsuit obviously would not have represented Alaska or the role. Bristol is of Alaska Native heritage and it’s culturally insensitive for PETA to come to Alaska and tell us what to wear.”

50 Cent’s doggy Twitpic
PETA isn’t just on the watch for animal cruelty in music videos, but also on Twitter. 50 Cent learned that lesson when he was bashed by the group for posting photos of himself holding a knife to his dog Oprah Winfrey. (Yes, he really did name his dog after the Big O.) PETA’s Michelle Cho caught glimpse of the snapshot and tweeted Fif, telling him it was “not funny” considering the number of calls they receive about stabbed dogs. Never one to back down, the MC responded, “Now this is to the Peta people: Stay off my mother—-ing Twitter page. I don’t give a f—! Lol.”

Lady Gaga’s meat dress
Mother Monster grabs a lot of attention for her eccentric taste in fashion. However, she left a bad taste in PETA’s mouth when she donned a meat dress at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Shortly after Gaga’s acceptance speech in the getup, the group went after the singer, saying the dress would smell like “the rotting flesh that it is and likely be crawling in maggots.” Fortunately, Gaga had one-upped the group as the outfit’s designer Franc Fernandez revealed that the dress “dries out, rather than rotting,” and becomes beef jerky. Slim Jim, anyone?

What do you make of PETA’s criticism of these stars? Tell us below!

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