Behind The Scenes At The Movie Awards: Confessions Of A 'Horrible Bosses' Cheerleader

By Nuzhat Naoreen

This is my first year working as a production assistant at the MTV Movie Awards, and after a few days I've already learned that you've got to be ready for anything and everything. One minute you're sending an e-mail, and the next, you're working as a cheerleader.

No really, that's actually what happened to me. Just watch the video below from last night's Sneak Peek Week screening of "Horrible Bosses," a special event leading up to the Movie Awards, where we debut exclusive clips from upcoming movies followed by Q&As with castmembers.


See how the audience is applauding before stars Jason Sudeikis, Jason Batemen and director Seth Gordon discuss the film? That wouldn't have happened without me (and my fabulous co-worker Vaughn Schoonmaker). We were the ones standing in front of the stage furiously raising our arms up and down (it was kind of a work out) to indicate when the audience should applaud. Without us, it would have been total clapping chaos (especially since the guys are so funny, and it's hard not to cheer on every joke!).

Now, when I arrived at the theater in West Hollywood yesterday evening, I certainly wasn't expecting that would be my job, but as the 20-something crowd started to pile in to catch an advanced screening of the movie, it was clear that someone needed to help hype them up. I'd like to think that we were pretty important to the whole production. After all, "the Jasons" and Seth know a good applause from a bad one. Even MTV News writer Eric Ditzian noticed the significance of our efforts.

"From 'SNL,' Sudeikis knows how important a raucous crowd is for comedy, and that's exactly what they got," Eric assured me. "When I caught up with the Jasons backstage after the screening, they couldn't have been happier with how wild the crowd got."

You're welcome, guys. Anyway, I'm not sure what's next from here. Maybe I'll be recruited to cue the audience for tonight's SPW film "The Help." Or perhaps I'll be off on some other crazy adventure. Either way, I'll be reporting it back to you. Stay tuned in the coming days for more behind-the-scenes stories of what it's like to be in the mix at the Movie Awards.