‘American Idol’ Predictions Results: Scotty Rewards Our Faith


There are no sure things in life, but Scotty McCreery winning “American Idol” on Wednesday night was about as close as it comes.

The self-assured, bullfrog-voiced good ol’ boy from Garner, North Carolina, had a Ruben Studdard-like untouchable march through the finals that couldn’t be stopped by the strongest force of all: a blatant heart-string pulling “I love my mama” song from rival teen Lauren Alaina.

And, after a dismal season of prognosticating in which none of our experts could come within Skoal-spittin’ distance of .500, we finally all got it right for once. (Even if it feels like getting one of those participation trophies kids get these days just for showing up.)

I’m not a huge fan of Scotty’s throwback style, but he deserved the win and I’m happy that “Idol” might get back to its winning ways with a champ who can actually sell some records.

“The ’American Idol’ finale Wednesday night was super entertaining and full of little surprises — none of which included Scotty McCreery’s taking of the ’Idol’ crown,” said “Idol” blogger MJ Santilli. “That Scotty would have confetti raining down on his head when all was said and done seemed to be a foregone conclusion. Even Lauren, who had wanted the win so bad, didn’t seem fazed.”

After nail-biting finales like season seven’s, where David Archuleta and David Cook seemed to be running neck-and-neck until the last second, and the surprise Kris Allen win over Adam Lambert a year later, Santilli said it’s hard to remember a time when she was less anxious while waiting for Ryan Seacrest to make his announcement.

“Scotty seems to know, even at a young age, what kind of artist he is,” she said. “And he seems to be a real traditionalist when it comes to country music. I would expect more of an old-school vibe from Scotty when he finally releases an album — but with a contemporary twist. His people will need to help him develop his own sound. There were too many comparisons to other singers, like Josh Turner, during Scotty’s run on the show. Now it’s time for the young Idol winner to define himself apart from the country pack.”

I couldn’t agree more. His semi-professional karaoke stylings were great on the show, but now it’s time for Jimmy Iovine to line up some killer songwriters to help establish a personality for Scotty that will turn him from a cute TV singer into a real country star.

After 12 weeks of forecasting the season, here are the final standings:
Gil Kaufman/Jim Cantiello and MJ Santilli: 6-for-13?

Did you correctly predict Scotty’s win? Do you think he deserved it? Leave your comments below!