Lady Gaga Has Some Special Shout-Outs In Born This Way Liner Notes

By Jocelyn Vena

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way booklet has hit the Net just a few days before the album’s official Monday release.

It’s filled with cool new photos of the star as well as heartwarming, personal thank you’s to the people in her life. There are shout-outs to record executives and music industry people, but the names of the folks that are the heart of the singer’s operation are also included. MTV Newsroom decided to give you a cheat sheet to those near and dear to Gaga, based on those liner notes.

Little Monsters: Like we need to tell you who they are! Gaga thanks her fans for “their loyalty, commitment and bravery.”

The “Banditos”: Producers Fernando Garibay, DJ White Shadow and sound engineer Dave Russell. These are three men who helped musically direct the album, and Gaga describes them as “the brothers I never had.”

Laurieann Gibson: Gaga’s choreographer, creative director and, most recently, co-music video director.

RedOne: Longtime collaborator and producer behind songs like “Just Dance” and “Judas.” She writes, “You and I share a chemistry that will live on.”

Haus of Gaga: The team of creative individuals who work for and with Gaga.

Nicola Formichetti: A member of the Haus, Gaga’s stylist and creative director of Thierry Mugler. She describes him as her “kindred” spirit.

[Lady] Starlight: DJ/Performance artist and a friend who used to perform with Gaga in New York City. The two still occasionally perform together, to which Gaga says, “Let’s make some more flames together.”

Semi Precious Weapons: NYC band has opened for Gaga. She used to open for them, and she says to SPW, “You inspire me.”

Mom, Dad and sister Natali: “You are my strength,” she says in the liner notes. “Our love is unbreakable.”

Grandpa Germanotta: Her late grandfather inspired the song “The Edge of Glory.”

Which of Gaga’s shout-outs touched you the most? Tell us in the comments.

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