Selena Gomez Channels 1920s For ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ Album Art

By James Dinh

Selena Gomez is growing up and ready to show the world. Unlike previous teen-to-adult pop stars of the past, this Disney starlet isn’t making her transition to adulthood by sexing up her image, but instead taking a more subtle approach. Gomez took to her Facebook on Wednesday to show off a brand-new look with the artwork for her band’s new album, When the Sun Goes Down.

Stepping into a time machine, the “Wizards of Waverly Place” actress offers fans a retro, 1920’s get-up as she gazes into the distance. The MTV Newsroom is feeling Gomez’s new fashion makeover, but can’t help seeing the how the starlet’s cover art was influenced by photos of some “It” women from before her time.

Perhaps taking a page from triple-threat Josephine Baker’s classic snapshots, Gomez appears sprawled out on an ornate sofa for the LP’s cover. And when it comes to hair, the teen sensation rocks a flapper-like wig, much like the movie poster for “Lilac Time,” which starred silent film actress Colleen Moore. Gomez completes her look with a sparkling ensemble and matching feathered accessory and beaded headpiece. Kudos to Gomez’s graphic designers! They top the “When the Sun Goes Down” artwork with some old-fashioned-looking font and borders, paying homage to early cinema movie credit styling.

Selena Gomez and the Scene’s new album is set to hit stores on June 28, with “more mature” material than her previous efforts, including a song co-written by Britney Spears. Here’s hoping there’ll be some tunes inspired by the roaring 1920s!

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