Rob Zombie Cleans Up His Act With Woolite

By Zachary Swickey

Rocker-turned-director Rob Zombie has already shocked us with blood-spattered films like “House Of 1,000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects,” but now, he’s looking to frighten in a whole new way: by helming an upcoming TV commercial. The shocking part? The ad is for Woolite laundry detergent. It’s Zombie’s first foray into legitimate commercial advertising, and while his new gig may raise some eyebrows, we can’t argue with the choice. After all, his attire could definitely use some suds.

“It was sort of strange, but I love doing stuff like that,” Zombie told Noisecreep about the project. “An ad agency from Australia had reached out to me about doing the commercial and I had originally turned it down because I was so busy. But then some things opened up and then I was able to do it. I’m glad I did.”

In a world where Flavor Flav sells chicken and Eminem pitches iced tea, this isn’t the craziest pairing we’ve seen in advertising. Sure, Zombie may pull off some clever, tongue-in-cheek ad showing how great Woolite works on decaying flesh, but here are some others we’d like to see him do.

Home Depot
Zombie is a low budget, do-it-yourself kind of director, so it would be fitting to see him direct an ad for Home Depot. A sale on hatchets, chainsaws and drill bits during the pinnacle of home-building season seems like a no-brainer.The horror!

With the popularity of “Twilight,” it somewhat surprising we don’t have blood-filled Hershey’s Kisses already. Now we can. Picture it: Two zombies romantically exchanging their bloody treats on Valentine’s Day. Shocking and sweet.

A man is viciously mauled by a group of psychopathic killers and needs time off from work to recuperate. If only his company’s insurance was through Aflac. Perhaps even give the iconic duck some fangs and a Nosferatu-inspired voice?

No one has worse skin than the undead. Perhaps Zombie could show us how great Proactiv works whether dead or alive?

“Can you hear me now?” followed by blood curdling scream. ’Nuff said.