Kings Of Leon Wedding Has Us Thinking About Music’s Hottest Bachelors

By Kara Warner

Although we don’t technically need a reason to celebrate our favorite men in music, we were inspired by the happy news that Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill married Lily Aldridge last week and the even happier news that there is still one King on the market: Jared Followill.

In honor of Jared’s commitment to bachelorhood (however long it may last), we present our favorite bachelors in music. Also, before the comments section lights up with “He has a girlfriend!” “He’s dating so-and-so!” statements, please note that the term “bachelor” refers to an unmarried man, girlfriend or no). Here they are, in no particular order:

Adam Levine: pop-star playboy
Those who’ve been following Levine and his band Maroon 5 know that the frontman has a certain spunk and smolder about him (Exhibit A: the “Makes Me Wonder” video), but thanks to his judging stint on “The Voice,” we’ve been seeing a fun new side to him.

Jared Followill: Southern gentleman with a bad-boy edge
Not that Mr. Followill is a bad boy, by any means, but there’s something about Jared … not only his talent and good looks, but a playful mischievousness. Although if his tweets are to be believed, he might not be on the market for long.

Click here for more sexy bachelor photos.

John Legend: soulful, smooth sweetheart
Those who have attended a John Legend concert or live performance of any kind don’t need an explanation. But for those who have yet to experience the Legend magic, a quick click through his music videos will give you a taste. That voice! That style! Swoon.

Justin Timberlake: a man of many talents
To be honest, I wanted to put an asterisk next to JT’s name on this list due to his current absence from music-making. However, I was overruled by a colleague who is less bitter than I. Here’s hoping we get some music from him when he hosts “SNL” this weekend.

Eminem: rebel with a cause
Yes, the man has some baggage — a few suitcases full, perhaps. But damn if that intensity and emotion doesn’t set a few hearts aflutter.

Drake: mass appeal
Our love for this man was born via his portrayal of Jimmy Brooks on the celebrated Canadian teen soap “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” That love was reignited when Drake turned his talents to music, of course. Also, how can you resist a man who brought his mom as his date for the Grammys?

Josh Groban: chart-topper and comedic cutie pie
This isn’t about the crazy amount of albums he’s sold (more than 24 million); this is about Groban totally melting hearts with his wit and charm. Haven’t watched his awesome medley of TV theme songs from the 2008 Emmys? Do it here. Missed his album of Kanye West tweets set to music? Listen and watch, here.

Chuck Wicks: country charmer
Never mind that you may have only heard his name in connection with ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough and their stint on “Dancing With the Stars,” check out his adorable, almost sticky-sweet 2007 hit “Stealing Cinderella.”

Tyson Ritter: pretty rocker
While I get lost in Ritter’s oh-so-pretty baby blues, I’ll let my friend Alison explain his appeal: “He oozes a sexy confidence that lets you know he knows exactly what he’s doing.” Further proof: his stint as a Hugo Boss model.

Marcus Mumford: indie import
Where to begin? I’ll just name a few of my favorite things about the Mumford & Sons frontman: irresistible British accent, his ridiculously cute and proper fulll name, Marcus Oliver Johnston Mumford, his enthusiasm for wearing vests. Oh, and his music, of course.

So who did we miss? Name your favorites in the comments!

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