Will Justin Bieber And President Obama Make A Little Girl’s Dream Come True?

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Late last week, New York magazine’s Daily Intel blog jokingly implied that President Obama promised too much when he told the teenage daughter of a 9/11 victim, Payton Wall, that he would help her meet the man of her dreams: Justin Bieber.

According to the New York Post, Payton was inspired to write a 1,500-word letter to the White House detailing her grief about the loss of her father after watching Justin Bieber’s documentary “Never Say Never.” The Post said the White House responded to Payton (who had also tweeted to Biebs to no avail) the next day and invited her to attend a wreath-placing ceremony at Ground Zero last Friday, which is where Obama told the young girl he’d help her meet Justin.

Now it’s one thing to promise world peace or an end to hunger (totally doable, right?), but a meeting with the Biebs? The bloggers at Daily Intel wondered why the prez dared make such a commitment.

“Doesn’t he know the PR machine around Justin Bieber is more impenetrable than Donald Trump’s ego?” Intel bloggers asked.

Well, apparently not. Justin (whom we’re guessing just got wind of the story) responded to the doubters a few hours ago via Twitter (with a link to Intel’s post), to make it clear that he planned to help the president keep his promise.

“I think you’re wrong. pretty sure President @BarackObama will keep this promise. #payitforward,” Justin tweeted.

The Biebs and the president working together? No offense, Mr. Biden, but if we were in your shoes, we’d be a little nervous about that 2012 vice-presidential slot …