What Will Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge Of Glory’ Music Video Look Like?

Now that Perez Hilton has confirmed that Lady Gaga will release her ’80s throwback tune “Edge of Glory” as a radio single from Born This Way, we’re just wondering what in the world Gaga might do for the video.

She’s already created a new race for “Born This Way” and re-envisioned the Bible in “Judas,” so what can Gaga have up her sleeve next?

Considering that the tune borrows heavily from cheesy pop music of that decade (and we mean that in a nice way!), we hope Gaga embraces it and just makes a full-on ’80s-style video. Here are some suggestions:

First off, A-ha’s “Take On Me.” Partly animated, this classic ’80s clip feels perfect for Gaga to put her own stamp on. Plus, we even have a suggestion for the love interest: Why not get Clarence Clemons, who plays sax on the song, to play the part? If not, we’re all for hot guys! Is Alexander Skarsgård up for a reunion?

This feels a bit obvious, but Cher’s “Turn Back Time” has the right vibe for this track. Gaga in a slinky catsuit, a pack of soldiers and Clarence Clemons on that stage by G’s side getting his saxy on … we’re in! (Note: Cher was donning that very catsuit when she presented a meat-dressed Gaga her Video of the Year VMA last September.)

Taco’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz” is kooky — we know Gaga can do kooky. And, as we saw in the “BTW” video, she looks awesome in Mugler tuxes. Now, all she needs is that glowing stick and a pack of flappers (we cast the Haus of Gaga) and — boom! — instant viral smash.

There’s nothing we’d love to see more than Gaga at a Renaissance Faire, so Gaga should seek inspiration from Men Without Hats’ video for “Safety Dance.” Just thinking about her frolicking through a meadow already gets us a bit excited.

Gaga plus stop-motion animation feels like a natural fit, doesn’t it? So, perhaps she needs to put her 2011 spin on Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” and have unicorns dancing around her head.

What do you think the “Edge of Glory” video will look like? Tell us in the comments!