Jordin Sparks' 'I Am Woman' Joins Other Coming-Of-Age Songs

By James Dinh

Jordin Sparks may have taken home the "American Idol" crown at the tender age of 17, but just a few years later, the big-voiced singer is sporting a new physique and singing a brand-new tune. On her new single "I Am Woman," the songbird belts about her newfound womanhood and independence over a commanding Ryan Tedder-produced beat.

As a teen-to-adult star, Sparks has taken to her music as a venue to rejoice in her coming-of-age growth and maturity, but she's far from the first diva to do so. In light of Jordan's new tune, MTV News has decided to take a look back at other female-empowerment tunes.

Janet Jackson, "Control"

Janet has always been one to deliver a feisty attitude over her songs, and that was just the case on her 1986 hit single "Control." After a soft-spoken intro, Miss Jackson gets straight to the point in this dance track, where she sings about finally taking responsibility for her own life decisions. "Got my own mind/ I wanna make my own decisions/ When it has to do with my life, my life/ I wanna be the one in control," she sings on the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis-produced song.

Britney Spears, "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"

Unlike the "Idol" alum, Britney used a ballad to tell the world that she was growing up and no longer that cutesy schoolgirl we met in 1999. On the second single from 2001's Britney, the pop princess declared her middle-ground transition to womanhood over a breezy piano melody. The tune accompanied Spears' debut film "Crossroads," in which the singer played a high school graduate embarking on a road trip with friends.

TLC, "My Life"

R&B's beloved trio weren't listening to anybody besides themselves on "My Life." Tired of hearing other people dictate their moves, TLC declared their independence on this 1999 Fanmail cut. "Sometimes I might get a little crazy/ And sometimes I might seem/ Out of hand, but I'm sayin/ Life's too short for me to let you dictate," Chilli croons on the midtempo number.

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