‘American Idol’ Prediction Results: Jacob Lusk Called Back Home To … Compton


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times … won’t get fooled again. After weeks of plaid-based fashion crimes, self-righteous audience threats, horsey falsetto screeching and more awkward stage moves than an army of Paul McDonalds, Compton, California’s Jacob Lusk was finally booted from “American Idol” on Thursday night.

I’m not saying I wanted him gone, but when America finally heard what I’ve been hearing for weeks (i.e., a singer whose commercial potential makes last year’s “Idol” winner Lee DeWyze look like Lady Gaga), well, let’s just say I felt vindicated, at the very least.

All but one of our experts correctly predicted Lusk’s demise this week and “Idol” blogger MJ Santilli shared my feelings about the news. “I suspect if he had performed the way he really wanted to on ’Idol,’ he would have been out weeks ago,” she said of his wayyy over-the-top sing-off. “Lusky Stank had his moments on the show, but really, he was never able to top ’A House Is Not a Home’ — the semi-final performance that ensured his place in the Top 13. I can see Jacob with a career singing gospel music, but as a pop star? Not so much.”

Using his grad-school-level “Idol” math, MTV News’ own Jim Cantiello noted that JLusk joined a long line of fifth place finishers who were eliminated after performing second during their final week. During seasons one through five, it was the death trap for: RJ Helton, Trenyce, George Huff, Scott Savol and Paris Bennett, who, it’s worth noting, have pretty much never been heard from again.

Though Jim was not surprised to see Lusk go, he was shocked that James Durbin was safe after what he dubbed the weakest vocals of the night behind Jacob. “Then again, that’s not so shocking since Durbin has a gigantic fanbase,” he wrote. “If anything, it proves that James can afford to save his voice for another week and skate by based on his built-in followers.”

After nine weeks of forecasting the season, here are the current standings:

Gil Kaufman: 5-for-10
Jim Cantiello: 5-for-10
MJ Santilli: 5-for-10
Maura Johnston: 2-for-10

Did you correctly predict Jacob’s exit? Do you think he deserved it? Who will be next? Leave your comments below!

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