Schuyler Fisk Talks New Album And New Movie

By Kara Warner

Sometimes the singer/actress hyphenate can come off as a bit forced. This is not the case, however, for legitimate singer and actress Schuyler Fisk, who recently released her sophomore album Blue Ribbon Winner AND has a film opening at the Cannes Film Festival called “Restless.”

MTV News caught up with her recently to discuss what inspired her new music and what we can expect from “Restless,” directed by Gus Van Sant. Also, we learned that she’d secretly love to be in an action movie someday — leather catsuit, crazy stunts and all.

Speaking to Blue Ribbon Winner, Fisk revealed that a lot of the music was written mainly on a farm in her home state of Virginia.

“It was a blast. I had a ton of my musician friends come stay on the farm where I grew up. We had such a good time,” Fisk said. “It was weird that we were working because it was playing music every day on the farm with goats and chickens running around. It was great.”

One track, however, was inspired by her work on Van Sant’s “Restless.”

“I was so inspired,” she said of her time shooting the film. “There was a very creative vibe on set, very creative vibe in Portland where we filmed. ’Waterbird’ was inspired by the film,” she said.

In “Restless,” Fisk plays the older sister of Mia Wasikowska. It’s a film that she described as having “a beautiful story, and all the characters are beautifully flawed.”

“I think it has that kind of slice-of-life feel, like, these people could be real, but at the same time there’s another side to it as well,” she teased. “It’s definitely a serious film, but there is light. For me, it makes you look at life differently and seeing it in this beautiful way. It deals with some heavy things, but it’s really about life and how beautiful life is.”

The film, which has been described as a unique teen relationship drama, kick off the Cannes Film Festival’s prestigious Un Certain Regard section next Thursday and is slated to be released by Sony Pictures Classics in the fall.

Although Schuyler is currently busy with her music career, she did reveal that she’d love to tackle a role in an action movie someday.

“I would love to be a part of an action film and have stunts,” she said. “Be in some leather catsuit and jump off buildings and such. … I do pilates,” she added with a laugh. You hear that, Hollywood? She’s ready for some action!

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