‘American Idol’ Castoff Casey Abrams Answers MTV News’ 10 Questions!

By Kara Warner, with reporting by Jim Cantiello

Sad times for Casey fans that the unique musician was voted off the show last week, but lucky us in that Abrams stopped by MTV News in New York to chat a bit about his experience, the most entertaining gem being how he likened the “Idol” judges to jelly beans. But also, he answered our always interesting and fun 10 questions!


Here are the highlights:

Casey’s favorite TV show is “Modern Family.” He called it “the new ’Simpsons.’ ”

His least favorite word: “Déjà vu. I love the concept, hate the word,” he said. (We’ll give him a pass even though that’s two words.) “It just doesn’t work. Re-glimpsing, that’s what it should be called.”

The movie he has to watch when it’s on: “300.” The reason? “Sweaty men in thongs,” Casey joked. “It’s a perfect combination, man.”

The title of his album, whenever it may be recorded and released: “Underneath This Beard … Is Another Beard.

Outside of these surprising and fascinating facts, Casey also surprised us when he said he read all the negative comments about himself online while he was on the show.

“What you have to do is kinda, you have to translate it. If they’re saying negative things about you, you take away the swear words and like ’I hate you’ and you read what they’re actually trying to say,” he said. “And, if [they wrote] ’Casey sucked this performance, he sounded like a dog,’ I take it as ’Casey, stop growling so much.’ And if I see more than, like, 10 comments like that, I’m going to take it as a sign, and I’m going to try to ease up on the growling.”

Also, going back to the jelly beans comment, because it makes me giggle every time I think about it, Casey picked out a special flavor for judge Jennifer Lopez.

“The buttered-popcorn jelly bean would have to be J.Lo,” Abrams said of the judge he famously smooched on the show. “Right? She’s buttery?”

What do you think of Casey’s comments? Would you buy Underneath This Beard? Tell us in the comments!