Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ Video: The Key Scene

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for Lady Gaga’s music video for “Judas”! The video is a colorful, kitschy pop-culture take on a love triangle between Mary Magdalene (Gaga), Judas (Norman Reedus) and Jesus (Rick Gonzalez), filled with religious pomp and circumstance, as well as very cool clothes. (We know this ’cause it leaked! Eeks!)

Gaga and her boys live someplace (we have no idea what time or place we are — hey, this must be a Gaga video!) where biker gangs run amok and couture is their currency. (How do we get to this place? Is it through some Born This Way vortex?) Leather jackets, bejeweled crowns and gowns rule the “Judas” world.

Now, while all the scenes are quite memorable (Gaga riding on a motorcycle clutching her love, Jesus, longing for Judas; Gaga in a black dress and habit torn between her two loves; Gaga’s lipstick gun; Gaga bathing with both men), it’s the final setup that will certainly have everyone chatting.

Dressed in a huge, beautiful, silvery-white gown that almost looks like a wedding dress and a veil-like headpiece, Gaga appears at a big event. Is she marrying one of her loves? Has she decided between Judas and Jesus? No, instead she has arrived at her own fateful end, the viewer quickly realizes. She falls to the ground, her dress cascading around her, as she is stoned to death. Her crime? Well, we’d like to think she was killed because she looked so killer throughout the clip.

What was your favorite scene in “Judas”? Tell us in the comments!