Rage Against The Machine Aren’t Making A New Album After All

By Zachary Swickey
Rage Against the Machine have finally spoken up regarding rumors of a new album. After an interview between vocalist Zack de la Rocha and a Chilean newspaper got lost in translation last year, rumors quickly spread that the band were in the writing stage and about to hit the studio. We had our hopes, but through an interview with the Pulse of Radio, Tom Morello has put the rumors to rest with some rather buzzkill news:

“Right now there are no … You know, the band is not writing songs, the band is not in the studio,” he said, while making his guitar go WICKY-WICKY-WAAAH (not really). “We get along famously and we all, you know, intend to do more Rage Against the Machine stuff in the future, but beyond sort of working out a concert this year, there’s nothing else on the schedule.”

Bummer. Meanwhile, Morello is preparing a new EP, Union Town, for his acoustic solo project The Nightwatchman. Rocha has another gig as well, One Day as a Lion, featuring ex-Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore. The group have only one EP from 2008 under their belt and live shows are scare, but they did put on a memorable performance at this year’s Coachella. Drummer Brad Wilk and bassist Tim Commerford have no new musical offerings to vent their frustrations, all of which sort of begs the question: Why no new Rage album? If the group is getting along “famously,” then what’s stopping them? Perhaps they have an ace up their sleeve, because Morello didn’t say we would never get to hear a new Rage tune (we’re hopeful … and bitter).

For now, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with Rage’s only announced show for 2011. Dubbed L.A. Rising, the event is going down at an unspecified venue in the group’s hometown of Los Angeles on July 30. They’ll be in good company with space rockers Muse, and PETA’s favorite punk band, Rise Against, opening the bill, with more acts expected to be announced soon.

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