‘American Idol’ Predictions Results: Casey Abrams Goes Growling Into The Void

Unlike the judges on “American Idol,” I’m not going to mince words here: good riddance, Casey Abrams.

Yeah, the bearded lothario showed off some impressive musical skills during his improbably long run on the show. But in typical “Idol” fashion, we were expected to not pay attention to the fact that his vocals were frequently terrible and, frankly, sometimes just kind of disturbing, creepy and awful. It’s a singing competition, right? Not a tryout for the “Wolfman” reboot?


I’m sure he’s a nice fella (though his forced kisses on audience members as he made his way into the “Idol” netherworld were totally disconcerting), but he proved week in and out that he just wasn’t right for this competition. “American Idol” isn’t looking for the next quirky jazz star who will sell a “respectable” 100,000 copies.

Jimmy freakin’ Iovine is the mentor this year. This the guy who gave the world Eminem and Lady Gaga. He doesn’t have time for sensitive artiste’s who want to bring back Oscar Peterson jams.

That’s why even though we all picked Jacob Lusk as this week’s likely eliminated “Idol,” not one of the Newsroom “Idol” panelists was mad at Casey’s booting on Thursday night.

“Yes, we all thought Jacob was going home, but I had Casey as my number two after Wednesday night’s tuneless, barky performance,” said MTV’s “Idol Party Live” host Jim Cantiello. “America sent him packing the last time he stalked and growled and shouted simultaneously. It appears viewers could only take two out of the three Casey tics at one time. … To me, Casey’s stylings on ’Idol’ were always as ill-fitting as Jacob’s and James’ white suits. I think he’ll be able to put his musicality to good use in the biz. I just don’t know that ’American Idol’ was the proper forum for him to do his thing.??”

Those sentiments were pretty unanimous.

“If you consider that Casey has already been eliminated once this season, his ouster this week really isn’t a surprise,” said “Idol” blogger MJ Santilli. “Scotty did the smart thing — in keeping with the Carole King singer-songwriter theme, he scaled back his performance and kept it simple. The result is that viewers connected to his performance. Ditto James Durbin, who made the smart decision to sing the first part of ’Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ a cappella. Ditching the antics this week showed the audience, once again, that he could change things up.”

That said, Santilli hoped Abrams would stick around longer because even though his performances were uneven, he was entertaining and she appreciated his musical chops. Me? Not so much.

After eight weeks of forecasting the season, here are the current standings:

Gil Kaufman: 4-for-9
Jim Cantiello: 4-for-9
MJ Santilli: 4-for-9
Maura Johnston: 2-for-9

Did you correctly predict Casey’s exit? Do you think he deserved it? Who will be next? Leave your comments below!