'American Idol' Predictions Results: Stefano Langone Saw it Coming


Listen, Stefano Langone seems like a sweet kid. As my dad used to say, "I'm sure he doesn't eat glass or trip his grandma."

But despite the overwhelming power of tween girls to keep the cutie pie crooner on "American Idol," all the dimples, camera eye-humping and "sexy" dance moves in the world couldn't help the perpetual bottom-dweller on the show this week. I'm not just saying this because I feel like gloating about being one of the only panelists to correctly predict that Langone was doomed to punch his ticket to Disney Cruise obscurity this week.

I'm saying this because after the too-soon departures of clearly more talented singers Pia Toscano andPaul McDonald, Stefano's ouster feels like vindication that America does sometimes listen to "Idol" with the sound on instead of just gazing at the contestants with googly eyes while furiously texting in votes for alleged hunks like Casey Abrams.

"While I appreciated Stefano's passion and personality, I'm glad America finally ripped off the Band-Aid," said Jim Cantiello, host of MTV News' "Idol Party Live" show. "He was the last wild-card singer, barely hanging on each week. Despite spending more time on the stools of doom than any other contestant this season, Stefano was in great spirits last night. I'll miss his positivity."

Stefano's ouster was also no surprise to one of our other experts, MJ Santilli, despite the fact that she fingered Jacob Lusk as her pick to not click.

"Stefano was operating on fumes, and he knew it," said "Idol" blogger MJ. "If he didn't go this week, he would have been out the door next week. I give him props for working hard to make his performances better, but he's going to need a couple of years of work, not a couple of weeks, to become a viable recording and performing artist."

Frankly, Santilli, like Jennifer Lopez, was just glad to see that another woman didn't go home, assuring us of at least one female's presence in the top five.

"Ciao Stefano," she added. "He was sincere, but he sure was cheesy, and really lucky to make it all the way to 7th."

After seven weeks of forecasting the season, here are the current standings:

Gil Kaufman: 4-for-8?

Jim Cantiello: 4-for-8?

MJ Santilli: 4-for-8?

Maura Johnston: 2-for-8

Did you correctly predict Stefano's exit? Do you think he deserved it? Who will be next? Leave your comments below!

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