'American Idol' Castoff Paul McDonald Answers MTV News' 10 Questions

By Rya Backer

Paul McDonald was a favorite of ours on this season's "American Idol." His dance moves, bedazzled suits and singular vocals won us over early on, so we were sad to see him go last Thursday. But all those frowns turned into smiles really quickly when he swung by MTV News earlier this week — especially for me, since I learned that I (Jim's "Idol Party Live" co-producer) would take on the Q&A.

In addition to a winning (well, eighth place isn't that bad) smile, the26-year-old raspy-voiced rambler is very funny and, as we learned during the interview, very, very excited by the idea of pancake batter shooting out of his navel.

Sure, we asked McDonald about his budding romance with actress Nikki Reed. And, of course, we asked him about what music he's working on. And yes, we had him explain his cameo in this music video. But we "Idol" fanatics wanted to know more. Like, who is his favorite member of TLC? What would the name of his debut album be? How could he have fixed the Spider-Man musical? All these questions and then some were answered in our weekly "10 Questions."


Check in with us Thursday at noon ET for more with Mr. McDonald (not this one) and talk with Jim Cantiello, who will be joined by music writer Rob Sheffield and Yahoo!'s Lyndsey Parker. Tweet your thoughts on tonight's performance show using the hashtag #idolparty, and you may be a co-star in Thursday afternoon's live broadcast!

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