Could The Black Eyes Peas Academy Spawn Other Celebrity Schools?

The Black Eyes Peas have taught us so many things lately: how to use Legos as fashion accessories, how to use Lite-Brites as fashion accessories, how to bring club songs to the masses... Now they want to share the love through their Peapod Foundation. The group has announced plans to open a school in New York where teenagers will learn video and music production using professional equipment. They're teaming up with technology company Adobe, through the Adobe Foundation, to open the Peapod Adobe Youth Voice center in Lower Manhattan, which will offer classes to students aged 13 to 19, beginning in July.

That got us thinking about other celebrities who could take their hard-earned knowledge and turn their experiences into academic institutions benefiting the kids.

The Dr. Dre Academy of Time Management: This high-tech learning institute located in Compton, California, is perfect for the budding rapper/hip-hop producer who has a million ideas, but is in no hurry to rush their wares to market. You'll pick up tips from the good doctor on how to take your time working on an album until you get it just right. Special bonus: Adjunct professor W. Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses will sit in as a guest speaker for three weeks (please allow a four-hour window beyond the scheduled 11 a.m. starting time for Mr. Rose's arrival.)

Drew Barrymore Child Star Institute: Drinking in grade school, rehab before high school — Barrymore has been a star her whole life and lived to tell about it. While many youngsters burn out after hitting the spotlight early, Barrymore has weathered the storm and enjoyed a long, successful career as an actress, producer, director and success story. Guest lecturers include Lindsay Lohan, Macaulay Culkin, Natalie Portman, Dakota Fanning and Neil Patrick Harris.

Justin Bieber Youtube Jr. College: Of course he's one of the biggest stars in the world now. But just a few years ago, JB was a Canadian kid with a dream, posting videos on YouTube in search of a big break. He'll share his secrets for going from viral nobody to Grammy-nominated superstar, with Skype lectures from Rebecca Black, Esmee Denters, Greyson Chance and Tay Zonday.