Lady Gaga Inspires Search For More Infamous Celebrity Biker Babes

By Jessica Hyndman

There's nothing quite as timeless, or bad-ass, as the classic "hot chick on a motorcycle" photo. It's become a quintessential ploy in not only selling bikes, but solidifying any woman's hardcore reputation. Lady Gaga has dutifully spun this time-honored masterpiece modern by turning herself into a motorcycle for the cover of her highly-anticipated "Born This Way" album. In honor of her immortalization as a chopper, we've dug through the past to present some great females on bikes. From Jessica Alba to Megan Fox, motorcycles are an integral part of the tough-chick status.

Angelina Jolie has forever ingrained her position at the top of the list of bike riding bad-ass women. Few can forget her moves in the "Tomb Raider" series or self-performed stunts in "Salt," and she actually rides outside of the big screen with-or-without husband Brad Pitt.

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Megan Fox became the new-age ultimate biker babe when "Transformers 2" hit theaters. Carrying over the rugged image of Mikaela Banes working under the hood of a car, Fox hops on the back of an orange Aprili toting co-star Shia LaBeouf.

Pink is a classic tough-chick who can be seen riding around solo or on the back of motorcross husband Carey Hart's bike. This punk rocker incorporated her love of bikes into the music videos for "There You Go" and "So What."

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