Lady Gaga's Born This Way Cover Spawns Viral Imitators

The jury is still out on whether the WTF-tastic cover art Lady Gaga revealed for her Born This Way album over the weekend is meant as some cosmic joke or if the Pen and Pixel-worthy PhotoShop job is another stroke of Gaga viral buzz genius.

One thing is for sure, the low-rent image of Gaga as the blonde handlebars and front fork of a motorcycle is as bizarre a choice for the most-anticipated album from a major pop star in recent memory. Worse even, believe it or not, than the obvious and cheesy sunset on the cover of Kings of Leons' Come Around Sundown.

But what it lacks in grace, Gaga's woman/machine meld makes up in talker-quotient. And, as she likely anticipated, like her songs and videos, it has already spawned a legion of parodies and sequels. Gawker collected some of the early favorites, including Britney Spears on the front of a Vespa scooter (Femme Vespatale), Jessica Black (Born on Friday), Christina Aguilera melded with an old-fashioned bicycle (Bike to Basics), a just-mean Jessica Simpson on the front of the Weinermobile, Katy Perry on a floating plastic bag, Celine Dion on the stern of the Titanic, Usher riding a tricycle with Justin Bieber's head up front and Madonna's beat-up looking visage in a golden wheelchair.

Other parodies have popped up elsewhere, placing Beyonce on a Dereon-outfitted pink tank, Perry on a ten-speed bicycle, Aguilera over a plane's cockpit, Rihanna on the cab of an 18-wheeler, Willow Smith rocking a Big Wheel and Lil Kim on the front of a burning SUV.

Some went the straight route, taking the mouth-agape image of Gaga on the album and plopping it into other scenarios, from a truck cab, to a tractor, as well as plopping Aguilera on a Segway, and clumsily taping Avril Lavigne to a skateboard.