Jay-Z's Music Recommendations: Which Is The New Blogger's Best?

By Alex Chapman

By now, you've probably heard about or seen Life + Times, Jay-Z's super-fresh lifestyle blog. The new site basically functions as a Hova-run online magazine — interviews with the coolest of the cool, musings about super-sweet swag and, most importantly, some Jigga-approved MP3s.

But exactly how on-point are SC's cyber selections? We took a closer look at some of Life + Times' choice tracks to see if Jay can keep up with the digital Joneses. (Spoiler: We like what we found!)

1. "Go," Santigold (featuring Karen O)

Not only was Jay smart enough to premiere Santi's return to form (featuring the sexy squeals of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen Oh) on his new blog, he also had the sense to sign the brilliant Brooklynite to Roc Nation. How many basement-ridden bloggers can say they've done that?

Cool factor: 5/5

2. "Snow & Taxis," Gold Panda

Can't say we're too impressed here. Sure, Gold Panda is great; his ability to engender serene samples and bass-booming beats is uncanny. But c'mon, Jay, this song came out last year! You're a little late to be getting on the GP train, and it comes off as a shameless attempt to win over the indie kids. Regardless, good music is good music, and the interview accompanying the track is a fun read. We'll let you off easy this time, Hov.

Cool factor: 3.5/5

3. "The Moon and The Sky" remix, Sade (featuring Jay-Z)

Not even the Internet's best blogger can say they've posted a song with them in it (except Perez; side note: please stop doing that), but Jay can certainly cross that off his blogger bucket list thanks to this track. Another thing he can put a checkmark next to: Getting a feature with the ever-so-sensual Sade.

Cool factor: 4/5

4. "What You Need," the Weeknd

Now this is what we're talking about: An artist whose rise to relevance is as mysterious as it is exciting, the Weeknd sounds like Drake and The-Dream when they're off their anti-depressants. New, different and relatively undiscovered, this is the exact type of music we want Jay's blog to bless us with. Hallelujah!

Cool factor: 5/5

5. "Undertow," Warpaint

We could say Jay is playing to the hipster crowd by hosting a song by ethereal foursome Warpaint on Life + Times, but the subtle musicality and pretty harmonies of "Undertow" gives it life beyond its trendiness. And for some reason, we feel that Hova & company know this, and we give respect where respect is due. So, respect.

Cool factor: 4/5

Which of these five is your favorite Jay-Z recommendation? Let us know in the comments!