Chippendales Enlists 98 Degrees' Jeff Timmons -- Which '90s Boy Bander Should Be Next?

By Alex Chapman

When we heard the news that former 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons would be donning the celebrated Chippendales bowtie as part of a limited, er, residency, we thought the following:

1. Where do we get tickets? Do you need to get tickets to go to Chippendales? Can you get them on StubHub?

2. Why hasn't anyone done this before?

Boy-band alums from the '90s are the perfect recruits for Chippendales dancery: They are far too old to be parading around shirtless for a teenage fanbase, they're still in great shape, and they certainly can bust a move or two without busting their back. As we drooled with nostalgia over the hip-shaking hunks of yesterday, we felt it only proper to compile a list of boys-turned-men that could certainly strip with the best of 'em:

Kevin Richardson

Where he is now: Having taken a turn as Billy Flynn in Toronto, Japan and Broadway productions of "Chicago," the 39-year-old former Backstreet Boy lives with his wife, whom he met while working at Walt Disney World, and their son, Mason.

Why: Let's be real — the other guys were adorable and all, but Richardson is a tall drink of sexy and always has been. Plus, he's really got his life together! A career post-BSB, a wife, a kid — who doesn't love a man with some maturity?


Where they are now: The talented trio are still musically alive and well and are presently playing shows across the country.

Why: The Hanson bros are the original JoBros, and what better way to remind people than with a choreographed dance to Marky Mark's "Good Vibrations"? OK, maybe that won't remind people, but wouldn't it be amazing?

Ashley Parker Angel

Where he is now: After a short stint in the Tony-winning musical "Hairspray" and a reality show about his comeback, the singer (who was in O-Town, the product of the original "Making the Band") now provides his voice talents for video games and TV shows.

Why: Ashley always had the potential to be a mega-hunk, but his pretty pout was more puppy dog than sexpot. Chippendales is as sexy as it gets and would leave Angel no other choice but to show a bit of his devilish side (and his six-pack).

JC Chasez

Where he is now: 'NSYNC's second-in-command now judges MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew," which just started its sixth season.

Why: Justin Timberlake was undeniably the star of the supergroup, but JC deserved some more shine! He had some impressive pipes and was always the one to watch during the boys' renowned dance sequences. Chippendales would finally give JC the spotlight he deserves, even if that means rocking a man-thong and a cowboy hat (not to be too specific ... ).

Joey McIntyre

Where he is now: One-fifth of the longest-running boy band, like, ever, Joey is still going strong with New Kids on the Block. They are embarking on a tour this summer with Jordin Sparks and the Backstreet Boys.

Why: Don't ask stupid questions.