Beyonce and Britney Spears: Pop's Kindred Spirits?

It seems Beyoncé and Britney Spears have a lot more in common than you might think. Sure, they're global superstars with legions of devoted fans, but aside from those few details, but that's not all these two in-demand performers share.

Let's start with the most basic: Both their names begin with the letter "B." And that brings us to our next point: They've both used the same insignia for that aforementioned letter. B seems to be using a font on a flag in her new music video that Spears once used during a performance way back when.

Also, let's not forget that both have recorded "Telephone." Brit recorded a demo version, while Beyoncé appeared on Gaga's album version of the song, and later paid homage to "Thelma and Louise" in the over-the-top video. (Not to cause any rifts in the Spears family but Brit's little sis, Jamie Lynn, was recently spotted hanging with B's "Telephone" co-conspirator Lady Gaga.)

Furthermore, Brit and B each have significant others with names beginning with the letter "J." Beyoncé is, of course, married to rap mogul Jay-Z. Meanwhile, Brit Brit is dating talent agent Jason Trawick. Coincidence, perhaps, but certainly a major key to the puzzle of their kindred spirit-ness.

Finally, both these ladies are undeniably fierce. We don't really have much else to say on that point. They just are. Werk it gurls.