Foo Fighters' Wasting Light Marketing Scheme Sounds Oddly Familiar

It is no secret that I am quite a fan of Dave Grohl, a man I once described as being "on a mission to spread the good word." He's part apostle, part figurehead, he fronts one of the most successful rock acts on the planet — and played drums in one of the most influential — and, yet, he's not above appearing on "Yo Gabba Gabba" or making videos like this (or, this, for that matter).

Of course, having said all that, it pains me to reveal that Dave Grohl and now I have a big problem: He totally ripped me off.

See, I awoke this morning to read an interview Grohl did with LA Weekly about the Foo Fighters' brand-new Wasting Light album (it's in stores today and rules pretty hard; you should go buy it). In said interview, Grohl reveals that the Foos are employing a rather unique bit of marketing in conjunction with the album: Namely, that every copy will come with a piece of the master tapes Light was recorded on.

"We recorded the record in my garage to analog tape, and probably wound up with 20-30 reels of tapes, masters reels with all the takes on them, reels with alternate takes," Grohl says. "At the end of the session I thought it would be an extraordinary move to destroy all the masters and give the pieces of the tapes to the fans."

After reading that quote, my morning was ruined. Why? Because that was totally my idea! See, last month, when I interviewed the Foos for the debut of their "Rope" video, Grohl mentioned that the band had destroyed the original master tapes and I, half joking, responded that they should include fragments of it with copies of the album. Grohl laughed that it was "a great idea," and then we moved on.

Only, apparently we didn't. And as I prepare my voluminous lawsuit against the band, I figured I'd roll out the video evidence to back up my claim. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please allow me to present Exhibit A:


See, irrefutable proof that this was my idea. So Grohl, consider this my fair warning: I'm totally coming after you. Or maybe not. After all, maybe you had this idea all along. Also, you're a pretty rad guy, and hiring a lawyer is probably a lot tougher than I realize. So maybe you can just give me a drum lesson or a platinum plaque or something like that. I'm willing to settle. I'm a believer, after all.