Death Cab For Cutie, Britney Spears Aren't The First To Sport Light-Up Fashion

These days, it seems like everyone has jumped on the LED-couture bandwagon. It's not just pop stars who are glowing in their clothes; it's also rockers and MCs who have decided that it's all the rage to light up the stage.

When Death Cab for Cutie shot their live, one-take video for "You Are a Tourist," they became the latest to sport light-up clothes. Their suits in the fanciful clip were accessorized with glowing lights where their pocket squares should be.

Kanye West wore a little light-up heart pin at the 2008 VMAs when he debuted his very personal track for "Love Lockdown." Chris Brown let his heart glow in his "Crawl" video back in 2009, and then he once again strung up his clothes like a Christmas tree when he appeared on "Dancing With the Stars" at the end of last month.

The Black Eyed Peas dazzled at the Super Bowl as they embraced the "Tron" trend and let their clothes shine bright.

The ladies have all become glow worms as well. At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Christina Aguilera hit the stage and let her lady part shine when she performed her sexy track "Woohoo." Britney Spears recently let another part of herself shine (her chest this time!) when she took the stage in Las Vegas last month to perform her latest single "Till The World Ends."

And leave it to Katy Perry to attend one of the most prestigious events of the year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala in 2010, and make it all her own. She hit the carpet in a hot-pink dress complete with — you guessed it! — lights sewn into it. She's a firework, that one!

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