‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ Recap: Dionne Warwick Can’t Forsee Her Own Exit

There comes a time in every reality show’s season where the quality dips a little bit and everybody agrees to just hunker down until the last few episodes arrive. Contestants become a little more listless, competitions tend to drag and the vibe of the show feels generally off while the middling participants are weeded out one by one (just think of the middle few entries of any season of “Project Runway”). But “The Celebrity Apprentice” is not your average reality show, and it refuses to be anything but positively transcendent. Sunday night’s (March 27) episode was no different, as Lil Jon, Gary Busey, Dionne Warwick, Star Jones and the rest all came together for a delightfully weird two hours of television.

This week, the teams had to create a 30-second commercial for an ACN video phone (the sort of gadget that people in 1975 thought the future would look like in 1992). Lil Jon took the helm for Backbone, while NeNe Leakes was named project manager for A.S.A.P., the female squad. While the men’s team was a model of efficiency (even Ivanka Trump noted that Backbone seemed to have developed a real “harmony” during the challenge), the women devolved into their typical arguing, backbiting and insulting the deaf.

Though both of the commercials concocted by the teams were essentially the same, the women went for “heart” while the men decided to go for comedy (casting Jose Canseco as a gay man in a marriage proposal reveal). But Lil Jon managed to sell the presentation a bit better, possibly because he kept shouting “Yeah!” and possibly because he duped the ACN executives into buying into random buzzwords like “viral” (which also impressed Donald Trump and provides further proof that dudes in suits will buy into anything if they think it’ll be “viral”). Backbone scored the victory, which allowed for another all-female board room scene.

Leakes brought Warwick and Hope Dworaczyk into the boardroom with her, but the former Playboy model was just a spectator to the collision between the others. Leakes called out Warwick for bolting from the editing booth in order to sleep while the rest of the group was trying to finish the commercial, but Warwick claimed she was asked to leave (which certainly wasn’t on the tape). After some crosstalk, Warwick somehow came around to the idea that she agreed that she was the one who should be fired. Trump didn’t stand in her way, and she was let go.

But she didn’t exit gracefully. “You’re a coward, baby,” she cooed at Leakes while waiting for the elevator. The two women did not get to the bottom of whether or not Leakes was a liar or a coward or both or neither. In any event, “The Celebrity Apprentice” lost one of its key characters in Warwick, though there are still plenty of antagonists about.

Who would you have fired? Let us know in the comments!

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