'American Idol' Prediction Results: Casey Abrams Ruins The Curve, Confounds The Experts

I defy even one of you out there to tell me that you predicted wild-eyed boy Casey Abrams would potentially go home on "Idol" on Thursday night (March 24). Haley? Sure. Naima? Maybe. Thia? Good possibility. But "sexy" beardo Abrams? No way.

The good news, I guess, is that Casey was spared (even if he looked like he was going to hurl all over the stage), so next week we have two chances at getting it right. That said, none of the experts on our panel got it right, and "Idol" blogger MJ Santilli was as shocked as anyone at the results.

"I figured Casey had a fan base ready to dial their fingers off no matter what. It's not as if his performance this week was that bad," she said. "It was merely mediocre. But he needed a very good performance Wednesday night to overcome the Nirvana misstep from last week. Performing first probably sealed his fate. People forget about the contestants who perform early."

She suspected that fans may have been too busy trying to save Stefano Langone or Haley Reinhart to vote for Casey. However, Santilli had a different theory. "Despite the judges loving Casey — they rarely criticize him — America just said no to scary growls and crazy eyes."

MTV's own "Idol" maniac Jim Cantiello said in hindsight maybe it's not so surprising that Abrams landed in the bottom of the voting pile. "It was his second performance in a row that had a case of the screechy screamies," he said of Abrams' shouty "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" on Motown night. "After being burned by season nine's Andrew Garcia, who couldn't top his Hollywood Week performance, it appears 'Idol' fans are less patient with one trick ponies."

After three weeks of forecasting this season, here are the current standings:

Gil Kaufman: 2-for-3

Jim Cantiello: 1-for-3

MJ Santilli: 2-for-3

Maura Johnston: 0-for-3

Did you correctly predict Casey's save? Do you think he deserved it? Which two will be next? Leave your comments below and let us know!

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