'Jersey Shore' Stars Practice Their Italian Before Season Four

"Jersey Shore" star Vinny follows a few simple steps when getting ready for a new season of his hit reality show. "Trying to get in shape, trying to spend some time with my family, chill out, the quiet before the storm," he told us recently.

Now that the cast is headed to Italy for the first time, Vin isn't planning on changing that tried-and-true formula. "I'm excited to be thrown right into the water with whatever language skills I have," he laughed.

Vin is actually conversant in Italian, but we can't say the same for the rest of his roomies. That's why we recently gave the stars of "Jersey Shore" a little foreign language lesson. Because how else are they going to survive along the canals of Venice and the cobblestone streets of Florence?

Yep, in the name of public service, we informed everyone that the translation for grenade whistle is "fishio di granata."

"We need that!" declared Pauly.

He's definitely going to need to know how to say gym, tan, laundry. We just hope he remembers it's "palestra, lavenderia, tintarella."

And if the kids plan on having a crazy — and safe! — night out, they'd best memorize the translation for "cabs are here": "i taxi sono qui."

When the cabs do arrive to take everyone out to the clubs, Snooki and her gal pals will want to know how to say gorilla juice-head. Once again, we were there to supply them with the answer: "succo capo gorilla."

The cast seemed to take to the tutorial very well — now let's see what happens when the touch down overseas. "This is exciting, I like Italian," Sammi said.

"Me too," added Deeana. "It's, like, yummy."