Jessie J Is OK With Being Left Off Of Britney Spears' Femme Fatale: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"It's just, to even have the opportunity to write a song for her is still incredible. As a songwriter, I'm still taking baby steps. You have to write 10 songs to get one good one and, realistically, I don't have time to write 10. It was a good song though."

-Singer and songwriter Jessie J, noting that she was honored just to be able to pitch a song for Britney Spears' new album Femme Fatale. Though her song isn't on the final track list, Jessie isn't bothered by the fact that it was left behind — especially considering who else worked on the album. "I think [it's a] misunderstanding that just because I'm Jessie J, it doesn't mean that I get pumped up to the top-three choice," she explained to MTV News. "It means that I write a song and if it doesn't go on it, it doesn't go on it. She probably had every major songwriter in the world write a song for her."


And unfortunately, it's possible that the song may never see the light of day, simply because it would be difficult to pitch the song to any other artist. "I may try and pitch it to someone else, but it was actually called 'Being Britney,'" she said. "So, it's actually hard to pitch it. It was a really cool song, but it is what it is; it happens for a reason. For me, one thing I love about Britney Spears is she is Britney Spears: No one can come and try and steal her path, her lane and that's what I love about her. That's what the song is about, 'I'm the sh--.'"