Liv Tyler Loves Watching Father Steven On 'American Idol': The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I haven't been watching every single [episode], which I feel really bad about, but I've been watching a lot and I love it. I feel really proud of him and happy for him. He's had a rough few years, a couple of years in particular, and I'm really happy for him that he's enjoying himself so much."

-Actress and rock star scion Liv Tyler, expressing her excitement over her father Steven Tyler's new gig as one of the judges on "American Idol." Tyler put away his role as the singer for Aerosmith for a while in order to sit behind the "American Idol" judges' table next to veteran judge Randy Jackson and fellow newcomer Jennifer Lopez for the show's current season. So far, he has provided many of the show's biggest highlights, and his enthusiasm and energy have been contagious on the "Idol" set.

As for daughter Liv, the star of the new film "Super" told MTV News that she is glad that the world is getting to see the side of her father that she always knew existed but never necessarily got the chance to be out in the open.


"He's so happy and naturally good at what he's doing, it's really nice," she said. "It's so funny for me, everybody keeps coming up to me going, 'Your dad, he's so sweet and he's so funny!' And of course it's the man that I've known my whole life, who tells all those kinds of jokes and has that big heart. I'm really happy for him."

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