'Friday The 13th Part V' Opens, Continues A Proud Franchise: Wake-Up Video

Slasher movies are one of the most derided subgenres in all of film, and though they're really easy to do, they're extremely difficult to do well. Though many of the best characters from those films are watered down thanks to countless sequels (the '80s were an especially bad era for this), there are still a handful of icons in the horror world who have been featured in some true classics.

One of the most durable horror franchises (and indeed one of the most enduring in the history of film) has been the "Friday the 13th" series, a line of flicks that began as a cheap experiment in the woods and ended up becoming a huge, complicated operation. Though it seemed like killer Jason Voorhees was down for the count following 1984's "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter," the series returned on this day in 1985 with "Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning."

Though it's one of the weakest films in the franchise, "Friday the 13th Part V" is an important entry in the series. The plot (as much as there is one) centers around a halfway house where a bunch of troubled teens hang around and make out. They are soon picked off one by one care of a killer in a hockey mask. But is it Jason or just an impostor using his visage to strike fear in the hearts of young people everywhere? (Spoiler alert: It's the latter!)

"Friday the 13th Part V" is bookended by two of the better entries in the series, as 1984's "The Final Chapter" is probably the best and 1986's "Jason Lives" officially transitions Jason from mere mortal to supernatural being. In honor of Jason's path of destruction, crank up Lush's "Ladykillers."