'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Gary Busey Wins A Task About Camping (And Our Hearts)

As a medium, television is capable of remarkable things. It brings the world together to celebrate the glories of human endeavor, comforts and informs us during times of tragedy and helps us laugh at each other and ourselves on a nightly basis. Just as with evolution, there is sometimes a great leap forward on TV, and just such a thing happened on Sunday night's (March 20) episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice" when Gary Busey tried to have a conversation with Meat Loaf.

Really, the entirety of the third episode of what has become hands down the best show on TV was a fantastically engaging leap forward. With the teams even once again following Lisa Rinna's departure, the two squads were charged with RV displays that focused on a variety of camping gear. For reasons the defied even the loose logic of this show, Busey was drafted into being project manager for Backbone, and at no point did that decision get them on the right foot. Busey's generally incoherent ramblings and creative approach to structure and syntax certainly made for entertaining television but managed to frustrate everybody around him (including his team, the CEO of Camping World and the Donald himself).

Still, despite the general lack of communication among the men of Backbone (though not for lack of trying), the dumbest moment of the night came courtesy of Niki Taylor, who was put in charge of A.S.A.P. for this task. She wanted the display to reflect a modern camping experience, but there was one problem: she didn't know what century she was in. Even after consulting the Internet to affirm that it is in fact the 21st century, she regularly referred to the A.S.A.P. display as "a 20th century camping experience." It's pretty similar to a 21st century camping experience, really, except there are no iPods and women aren't allowed to vote for the first 20 years.

Also, apparently Marlee Matlin is "a demon in the bedroom." OK then!

Inexplicably, Busey and his squad of merry men won the challenge (perhaps because the Camping World people were too afraid not to pat Busey on the back), which left the women to bite each other in the back again in the boardroom. But Taylor fell on her own sword and essentially fired herself in a tepid show-ending confrontation. Maybe it was better that the closing sequence of the show was a little slower than usual, as most of the viewing audience was probably recovering from all that Busey.

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