Odd Future Offshoot MellowHype Storm SXSW

With reporting by Christopher "CJ" Smith

Despite what most media outlets would like you to believe, Odd Future is not just Tyler the Creator.

In fact, the hotly-tipped L.A. collective is more like a living, breathing organism, a highly prolific thing making music that showcases both individual members and the group as a whole.

Case in point: MellowHype, an Odd Future offshoot featuring members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain. The pair have been cooking up songs since high school, but now, with OF riding high on a wave of hype, they're finally getting their fair share of attention.

With MTV News' cameras following the entire Odd Future squad at South By Southwest, we turned our focus on the dynamic duo as they stormed the stage at Austin's Club DeVille.

Freshly inked to the Fat Possum label, MellowHype are now out to conquer the world, in their words, "one Dutch at a time." And while they're still smoking, have a look at the footage we shot with Hodgy and Left Brain down in SXSW.