MTV’s Musical March Madness: Radiohead Vs. TV On The Radio, Owl City Vs. The Decemberists

It’s MTV’s second annual Musical March Madness! MTV News took the 64 biggest names in rock, split them up into four regions, assigned them seeds and puts them up against one another in a single-elimination series of match-ups in a winner-take-all contest. We’re leaving it to you to decide an actual champ in this field of 64, so over the next few weeks, fan voting will determine who will emerge as this year’s champion. It’s all about the fans, and the artist with the most passionate fan base will score the awesome Musical March Madness trophy!

The two polls below represent the final two entries in the first round of the 2011 MTV Musical March Madness tournament. The field is now completely open, and it’s anybody’s contest for the taking.

Just as a reminder, first round voting continues through Sunday night (March 20), and you can catch up with any match-ups you might have missed here. Let’s get to the match-ups!

(7) Owl City vs. (10) The Decemberists
Owl City made a surprisingly strong run during last year’s tournament, and they have kept their profile relatively high since then. They’re going up against a Decemberists squad who have a chart-topping album under their collective belt and a ton of good will in their corner. Who will emerge to fight in the second round? You decide!

(2) Radiohead vs. (15) TV On the Radio
Radiohead surprised the world again with another stealth album in the well-received The King of Limbs, and they maintain their status as one of the elite rock bands on the planet. TV on the Radio are back from their hiatus with a new album and a whole new bag of genre-bending tricks. In this battle of bands that have the word “radio” in their names, who stands tallest? You’re in control!

Watch Dick Bagwell and Vincent Twice break down this year’s bracket!


Check out the Musical March Madness bracket and be take a look at the hoops-centric photos of some of the tournament’s biggest bands.

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