MTV’s Musical March Madness: U2 Vs. Ke$ha, Green Day Vs. Adam Lambert

It’s MTV’s second annual Musical March Madness! MTV News took the 64 biggest names in rock, split them up into four regions, assigned them seeds and puts them up against one another in a single-elimination series of match-ups in a winner-take-all contest. We’re leaving it to you to decide an actual champ in this field of 64, so over the next few weeks, fan voting will determine who will emerge as this year’s champion. It’s all about the fans, and the artist with the most passionate fan base will score the awesome Musical March Madness trophy!

We’re halfway through the West bracket in MTV’s 2011 Musical March Madness tournament, with 30 Seconds to Mars, Panic! at the Disco, Pearl Jam and Florence and the Machine all making big noise. Who will be next to break away from the pack? There are two more match-ups below for your voting pleasure.

As always, first round voting continues through Sunday night (March 20), and you can catch up with any match-ups you might have missed here.

(6) U2 vs. (11) Ke$ha
In one of the most intriguing head-to-heads of the entire first round, the veteran Irish rock band takes on the upstart pop antagonist. U2 could have made a play for the top spot had it not been for their association with “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” while Ke$ha has been steadily building success and credibility with her punchy songs, unique fashion sense and very real attitude. But only one can make it to the second round, which is why you need to vote!

(3) Green Day vs. (14) Adam Lambert
Lambert made a surprise splash in last year’s tournament, playing the upset card for a few rounds before flaming out. He’ll have another uphill battle this time around, as he has to take on Green Day, one of the biggest and most dominating rock bands on the planet. Green Day could have easily taken a number one seed with the success of “American Idiot” on Broadway and their blistering new live album Awesome As F— about to drop. They’ll have something to prove, but can they prove it against the feisty former “American Idol” star?

Watch Dick Bagwell and Vincent Twice break down this year’s bracket!


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