Robert Pattinson Is Bigger Than Basketball In This Week’s ‘Late Night Lineup’

Over the next few weeks, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is going to take up an awful lot of your time, money and useful bandwidth. It will also claim an awful lot of television time, which means that several late night shows will be running on limited schedules. Such is the case with “The Late Show With David Letterman,” which will take off Thursday and Friday for the sake of hoops coverage. Luckily, Letterman is cramming in some top-shelf guests in three days, as he’ll welcome Charles Barkley (Monday, March 14), Bradley Cooper (Tuesday, March 15) and Selena Gomez (Wednesday, March 15).

“Conan” will also be in reruns this week because TBS will be running NCAA tournament games for the first time. “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” will also be in repeats on Thursday (March 17) and Friday (March 18th), though he’ll have on Martha Stewart (Tuesday) and Seth Rogen (Wednesday). And though their networks aren’t showing basketball, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Chelsea Handler all decided to take the week off as well.

But that doesn’t mean that everybody is slacking. On the contrary, “The Tonight Show” features visits from Jane Lynch and Avril Lavigne (Monday), Rainn Wilson (Thursday) and Robert Pattinson (Friday). Over on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel will talk to Mila Kunis (Monday), Jane Lynch (Tuesday) and Matthew McConaughey (Thursday). Jimmy Fallon will welcome a handful of heavy hitters, including Tiger Woods (Wednesday) and Howard Stern (Thursday). And in case you missed it, Monday’s episode of “The Gayle King Show” is a repeat of King’s interview with Lady Gaga, which was typically fascinating.