MTV's Musical March Madness: Foo Fighters Vs. The Damned Things, Dave Matthews Band Vs. Disturbed

It's MTV's second annual Musical March Madness! MTV News took the 64 biggest names in rock, split them up into four regions, assigned them seeds and puts them up against one another in a single-elimination series of match-ups in a winner-take-all contest. We're leaving it to you to decide an actual champ in this field of 64, so over the next few weeks, fan voting will determine who will emerge as this year's champion. It's all about the fans, and the artist with the most passionate fan base will score the awesome Musical March Madness trophy!

On Sunday night (March 13), the NCAA men's basketball tournament bracket was revealed to the world. For hoops fans, it was one of the strangest in recent memory, as there were a number of teams who were considered locks that probably don't belong there (we're looking at you, Clemson and Illinois), while a handful of deserving clubs with superior pedigrees ended up on the outside looking in (the selection committee seemed to underrate the ACC this year, as both Virginia Tech and Boston College should have made it but did not).

Meanwhile, the 2011 MTV Musical March Madness bracket is finally here as well, with far fewer controversial choices embedded within it. The voting for this year's tournament kicks off with the Midwest region, which features some of the tournament's heaviest hitters (including defending champs Coheed and Cambria). Voting for all of the first round match-ups will go until Sunday night (March 20), and we'll reveal the next round of match-ups next Monday (March 21). Let's get to the action!

(1) Foo Fighters vs. (16) The Damned Things

Foo Fighters come into the bracket partially based on legacy (they have been one of the most consistent rock bands of the past decade, delivering hit after hit and sold-out stadium after sold-out stadium) but mostly based on the anticipation over their new album Wasting Light (which just had its first video premiere on MTV last week). Meanwhile, the Damned Things are a pack of upstarts looking for an upset, hoping to galvanize fans of hard music as well as the followers of their individual source bands (including Anthrax, Every Time I Die and Fall Out Boy). Can they upend one of the biggest names in rock? Only you can decide!

(8) Dave Matthews Band vs. (9) Disturbed

Though Dave Matthews Band have decided to take most of 2011 off, they still command a ton of respect and remain one of the most successful touring bands in the world. In the opposite corner stands Disturbed, one of the few bands from the nü-metal era to not only survive but also evolve into a modern rock juggernaut. Will DMB score a victory for jam enthusiasts, or does Disturbed simply rock too hard? You make the call!

Check out the Musical March Madness bracket and be sure to check in on photos of some of the biggest bands in the tournament.

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