Foo Fighters' 'Rope' Video: The Key Scene

On Thursday night (March 10), MTV News rolled out to a Foo Fighters superfan's house in southern California to unveil the brand new video for "Rope," the first single from the band's forthcoming seventh album Wasting Light. The band rolled out the video and then talked to MTV News' James Montgomery on "MTV First" about the creation of the video as well as the recording process of the new album, the evolution of the band and the return of guitarist Pat Smear to the fold.

In fact, Montgomery even reminded the band about the notorious night when Smear left the group — which happened to go down in front of an audience of millions on the red carpet show that opened up the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards. Foo Fighters opened with "Monkeywrench," then Smear took the microphone to pass the guitar-playing torch to Franz Stahl, a former bandmate of Grohl's from the seminal hardcore punk band Scream. It was a cool little flashback that elicited a fun response from Smear.


As for "Rope," it's an intense performance clip that features the band (now a quintet, with the addition of Smear) playing inside a big white room. It was recorded on VHS, which means that the effects were kept at a minimum, leaving only the band's savage performance chops. In the clip's key scene, the room shifts from white to a multi-colored bonanza that puts the band members in deep shadow. If you have ever wondered what a rock star looks like, wonder no more.

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