‘Red Riding Hood’ Howls Along With Shakira, Yeasayer And Daniel Merriweather

A new weekend is almost upon us, which means that there are a whole bunch of new titles hitting cinemas. A new adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel “Jane Eyre” has arrived, this time with direction by Cary Fukunaga (“Sin Nombre”) and starring Mia Wasikowska (you know her better as Alice from Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”). If you need more explosions in your movies, there’s “Battle: Los Angeles,” an alien invasion flick that features an all out onslaught by some unfriendly beasties from space. There’s a family option in the animated “Mars Needs Moms” (which features voice work from Seth Green and Joan Cusack). There are also smaller titles in “Certified Copy” (a lush drama that earned star Juliette Binoche an acting prize at Cannes), “Black Death” (a medieval horror mystery from the director of the cult hit “Severance”) and “Making the Boys” (a documentary about the creation of “The Boys in the Band,” a landmark play and movie for the gay rights movement).

But the big headlines of the weekend will belong to “Red Riding Hood,” as it represents a big step forward for star Amanda Seyfried (who is about to elevate herself to the A list) and director Catherine Hardwicke (who is handling her first film since the first “Twilight” movie). Seyfried plays the titular girl who is hunted by a werewolf (who is in turn being hunted by Gary Oldman). It’s a gorgeous, pulpy flick full of great twists that should satisfy a bunch of different entertainment urges.

In order to get yourself into the right mood for “Red Riding Hood,” check out the playlist below. There are songs devoted to wolves, hoods and the color red, beginning with Daniel Merriweather’s “Red.”


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