‘American Idol’ Finalist James Durbin Takes Inspiration From The WWE

“American Idol” returns tonight for the first show of the finals, which will pit the 13 remaining contestants against one another. The theme for Wednesday night’s (March 9) episode is “Singers You Love,” which means that each contestant has the chance to perform song by a singer that he or she particularly adores. Each singer was also paired up with a producer, and that person’s influence will likely become known once the episode starts rolling tonight.

There are a number of singers to look out for tonight, as a lot of questions from last week remain unanswered. What will favorite Lauren Alaina do for an encore? Do the country singers have any other styles to offer? And will James Durbin wear another tail?

No matter what Durbin wears, you can bet his performance will be electric. Durbin is one of the most charismatic contestants of season 10, and he’s certainly drawing inspiration from the right places.

“As one of my favorite wrestlers would say, ’I’m James Durbin, and I’m awesome!'” Durbin exclaimed to MTV News’ Kara Warner during the “American Idol” finalists’ party in Los Angeles last week. That, of course, is the catch phrase of current WWE Champion and former “The Real World” contestant the Miz. An avid wrestling fan, Durbin is also excited about the return of the Rock — mostly because he has grown tired of perennial headliner John Cena.


Those are fighting words, but Durbin is a guy who knows what he wants. That kind of confidence should make him a formidable contestant on “American Idol” this season. He should totally adopt the phrase, “Do you smell what James Durbin is cooking?”

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