‘Take Me Home Tonight’ Parties With Duran Duran, Wang Chung

Now that the awards season is behind us, the film crop of 2010 can finally be put away in favor of the stuff on the horizon. This weekend features a whole batch of new flicks, and there are also plenty of great movies still kicking around at your local cineplex (including “Drive Angry,” a totally kickass 3-D spectacular that deserves to be seen by more people). The movies opening this weekend include the animated adventure comedy “Rango” (which is directed by “Pirates of the Caribbean” helmer Gore Verbinski and stars Johnny Depp as the voice of a justice-seeking chameleon), the science-fiction romance “The Adjustment Bureau” (starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt), the oft-delayed “Beauty and the Beast” adaptation “Beastly” (featuring Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer) and the much-buzzed-about Korean serial killer flick “I Saw the Devil.” That’s an embarrassment of riches.

But for big laughs and killer music cues, look no further than “Take Me Home Tonight,” the new flick starring Topher Grace and Anna Faris that flashes back to a simpler time when Eddie Money ruled the airwaves and there was no limit to how big the hair could be. Naturally, a movie set during the neon decade is going to have some great throwback tracks, and the playlist below should put you in the right frame of mind. It features a collection of smash hits, some from titans (Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, David Bowie) and others from one-hit wonders (Wang Chung, Book of Love). But we kick things off with Human League’s classic “Don’t You Want Me,” which was re-recorded for the movie by Brooklyn rock band Atomic Tom.


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