Readers Vote For Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams To Advance On 'American Idol'

By the time Thursday night's (March 3) episode of "American Idol" ends, the world will know who the crop of finalists are (and who will be sent home without a chance to become the champion). The past two nights have seen some stellar performances, some all-time great stumbles and some instant classic "Idol" moments. Along the way, the new judges' panel — Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler — has proven that the show doesn't miss Simon Cowell.

But the big interest is in the performances, and on Wednesday (March 2), the MTV Newsroom blog asked readers who their favorite males singers were on "American Idol." Since the top five vote-getters will join the finalists tonight, that means that MTV Newsroom blog readers think that the male pool will include Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams, Scotty McCreery, James Durbin and Paul McDonald. Lusk came in first with 25 percent of the total vote, followed by Abrams (22 percent), McCreery (15 percent), Durbin (13 percent) and McDonald (12 percent). Stefano Langone (three percent) and Brett Loewenstern (three percent) were left on the outside looking in, but considering anybody could snag one of the judges' wild cards, their chances should still be considered reasonable. And at the bottom of the pile? Poor Jordan Dorsey, who tried to tackle Usher's "OMG" and stumbled monstrously along the way.

The final results will be revealed tonight, so we'll see whether or not the readers of the MTV Newsroom blog reflect the whims of the voting populace. Be sure to vote for your favorite "Idol" woman and stay tuned to MTV News and the MTV Newsroom blog for more "Idol" madness!

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