Fans Love The Cinematic Intro To Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Video

Lady Gaga has already built up a tremendous amount of excitement for the release of Born This Way, her upcoming album (which is set to hit the streets on May 23). The first single has already spent two weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100, bolstered by thrilling online premiere and a killer performance at the Grammy Awards a few weeks back. The track is likely to get yet another week on top, as the video for "Born This Way" entered the universe on Monday (February 28th). In typical Gaga fashion, it's a pretty stunning achievement from a visual, technical and artistic standpoint, and it easily stands alongside her other great videos (such as "Telephone," "Bad Romance" and "Alejandro") as one of the best clips of the 21st century.

But with all those incredible images from "Born This Way" flying at the viewer's eye, which one is the most memorable? Which will be the signature sequence of the clip? We asked that very question yesterday, and after thousands of votes, a winner has emerged (though only by a hair). According to your votes, the best part of "Born This Way" is the sequence that opens the clip, which features elements of the score of Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" and a handful of scenes that take place in a tripped-out version of outer space. It lead the way with 38 percent of the vote, good enough for first place. It narrowly beat out the "Skeleton Gaga" scenes, which finds the singer dressed in elaborate undead makeup (inspired by Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest). Those scenes grabbed 34 percent of the total vote.

The rest of the list was fleshed out by the two appearances by the unicorn (good enough for eight percent), the main dance sequence (also eight percent), the "Birth of Evil" scene (seven percent), the severed heads and the clip-closing dancers' orgy (each got three percent). With more videos on the way (Born This Way's second single "Judas" should be appearing soon, and some in the Gaga camp are already hinting at a third single), Lady Gaga is picking up right where she left off with The Fame Monster: On the cutting edge, and beyond our wildest imaginations.