Four Reasons Why Adele’s 21 Is Going To Number One

By Kara Warner

For those not already acquainted with the divine musical bliss that is Adele and her sophomore album 21, get thee to a computer or music store and pick up the new number one album in the country. Or to really go all in, get a few tickets to see her during her upcoming U.S. tour.

I have been smitten with the wonderfully talented and refreshingly genuine Grammy winner since stumbling upon her music video for “Chasing Pavements” (which also scored a Best Choreography nomination at the 2008 VMAs), but thanks to a fortuitous aligning of the stars, I have officially reached obsessive fan status after having my mind blown at her recent performance for the Artist’s Den in Santa Monica.

Not to get too carried away, but just as it went after seeing Neon Trees perform live last December, I feel the need to let you know that Adele is an artist to watch closely from here on out and that her live shows will change your life. Here’s a few reasons why.

The Voice
In an industry currently dominated by the generic sound shaping effects of Auto-Tune, Adele’s exquisite musical gift is a jaw-dropping sound to behold. If her searing single “Rolling in the Deep” doesn’t move you in some way, then nothing will.

The Soul
Although the emotional currents in her songs touch on universal themes (mainly heartbreak for now), her distinctive sound and killer pipes have both the appeal of the familiar and the far away. She’s somehow retro and modern at the same time. “I don’t write the kind of music that goes to number one,” she claimed during her Den set, which is perhaps why her kind of music appeals to all sorts of tastes.

The Charm
The London native doesn’t seem to take herself to seriously. She has no problem admitting that she is obsessed with Bravo’s “Real Housewives” series, or that she “literally sh– herself” with nerves before meeting Kanye West before a performance at the Hollywood Bowl last year. During her Artists Den performance, for example, she veered off on a tangent about marriage and weddings after performing “Don’t You Remember,” a song she said “strongly suggests [she] won’t be getting married any time soon,” and then burst into laughter.

The Storytelling
Adele has been very open about the fact that her ex-boyfriend was the inspirational force behind 21, but the way in which she weaves those familiar themes into her songs and performances makes you feel as though you’re a part of those deeply personal experiences.

What’s your favorite song on Adele’s new album? Let us know in the comments!